Music Video of the Day: “My Friends” by Bloom Phase

Bloom Phase
“My Friends”

The indie-electro artist known as Bloom Phase released a new album, Rise Rule Fall, earlier this month and “My Friends” is the closing track from that release. There’s something about the vocals that really starts to pull at the heartstrings as you listen along. Maybe it’s the emotional charge carried in the pitch of the artist’s voice or maybe it’s the repeating phrase, “I hope all my friends live through this,” that leaves me unsettled. I think it’s probably a little of both. Many of us have faced loss this year and just about all of us have had to face our fears of loss and grief and tragedy. “My Friends” expresses those fears and hopes and how those feelings get all muddled together. Check out the music video for “My Friends” by Bloom Phase then head to Bandcamp or Spotify for the complete album experience.

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