Music Video of the Day: “Black AF” by Carolina Waves

Carolina Waves
“Black AF”

Carolina Waves is a platform dedicated to supporting and promoting artists from North Carolina. In this role, they do everything from hosting live events to radio shows and webseries. And recently they brought together some of NC’s rising talents to work together on a “collaborative cypher” [sic] and single to capture the zeitgeist of the social justice movements sweeping the nation. “Black AF” combines the musical skills of Lena Jackson, Jooselord, TAGEM, and 2FLY KNG along with Imani “Yaya Beatz” Pressley on production for a powerful number with an equally powerful message. In addition to bringing these artists together to add their voices to the Black Lives Matter movement, all the profits from this single will be donated to non-profit organizations in NC that focus on anti-racist and anti-discrimination efforts.

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