Music Video of the Day: “It Isn’t Real” by Throckmorton

“It Isn’t Real”

This noise rock duo from the south of Sweden have unleashed a grungy gale of music on their new single, “It Isn’t Real”. Throckmorton will hit you with a wall of pulsating post-punk sound. Both the song and the music video were created by Aljona & Jonas, the musical pair behind Throckmorton, and both track and video give you a distinct sense of the band’s style: loud, grimy, and visceral. “It Isn’t Real” comes to us from Throckmorton’s forthcoming EP, This is not an EP, which is due out later this month. Make sure you like/follow the band to stay apprised of the new EP once you get acquainted with “It Isn’t Real” here…

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