3 Super Cool New Tracks You Should Check Out

Jake Greider


Jake Greider has been making music with Some Magical Animal in the Valley for some time, but he recently broke out on his own to focus on his first solo recording effort. And, with social distancing in effect, he decided it was just the right time to learn the production side of music and began recording his own. “Clean” is just one of the singles I expect we’ll be hearing from this PHX songwriter this year. The lyrics on “Clean” feel adrift in an instrumental atmosphere. This vaporous quality of the soundscape leaves the listener in a weightless feeling.

I’m excited to see what other tracks might be lurking ahead for us from Jake Greider’s solo album. Make sure you like/follow to stay up-t0-date on new music from this artist…

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Dizzy Spells

“Ohhh No!”

There is something incredibly captivating about this new single from the Cali duo known as Dizzy Spells. It stems from a combination of factors. First, we have the striking layers of future-fresh-funky vocals that give “Ohhh No!” its empowering charge, but then, beneath that layer, the slow, hypnotically steady instrumentation is what moves the song from start to finish. According to the band, “We wrote this song after our guitarist was watching an ASMR video at 2 AM and was totally inspired by the rhythm of the way a doctor and her patient were speaking to each other.”Perhaps the calming quality of this track can be attributed to its source of inspiration.

“Ohhh No!” by Dizzy Spells will mellow you out as it lifts you up. I suggest giving it a listen – and a close listen. Word has it some secret sounds worked their way into the soundscape here (like lawnmowers and such, not, like, Satanic incarnations, not that we wouldn’t be okay with either here).

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Tom Laim

“Puzzle Pieces”

Tom Laim is a musician from someplace who might’ve played with other bands. We don’t really know anything about this person beyond the fact that we dig his music. I guess the rest doesn’t really matter, right? His lo-fi, post-pop-punk is everything to me this week and, thankfully, Tom Laim just dropped his new album, Addison, which includes this new single. “Puzzle Pieces” starts off low key, stripped down to guitar and vocals for the first 30 seconds, then it picks up until the sound swells with the sweaty energy of a house show. According to Laim, this song is about a “very chaotic experience” with a young woman and “how her tragedies affected [him].” Maybe that’s why “Puzzle Pieces” will leave you feeling a bit spun up.

Definitely check out this new single from Tom Laim and then head over to Spotify to check out Addison in its entirety.

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