Music Video of the Day: “Off My Feet” by Cindy Zhang

Cindy Zhang
“Off My Feet”

This San Francisco-based singer-songwriter has a soulful sound you can hear on her new single, “Off My Feet”. Lush vocal layers, crisp guitars, and a Wurlitzer, yes, a Wurlitzer, come together on this track for a leisurely feel perfect for jamming out while making a late breakfast in your pjs on the weekend or mellowing out in the evening after a long day. Anytime you need to lift the weight on your shoulders a little bit, Cindy Zhang is here to help with “Off My Feet”.

You won’t even notice the minutes slip by as you watch the video, half in a dreamstate, with the music wafting through your ears as you watch the freestyle dancers languorously move. The effect is hypnotic; a forced moment of calm, if you actually allow yourself the time to sit down and take in the whole “Off My Feet” experience…

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