Radio Phoenix Broadcast of The YabYum Hour: BoyTye

BoyTyeOn this edition of The YabYum Hour, Garrett chats with singer-songwriter/electronic artist BoyTye. They chat about BoyTye’s new album The Other Side of the Chair and its disco influence, recording anywhere/anytime, and the multiple projects BoyTye is a part of. And, as always, Garrett selects a great playlist of music to accompany the interview.

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BoyTye “Find the Love”

Dom Root + Leewater “Suede”

Black Sabbath “Planet Caravan”

Prince “I Wanna Be Your Lover”

Asian Fred “Work”

Trey Vincent “Going to the Movies”

Nothing Means Anything “Crash”

No Lungs “Big Enigma Energy”

Pro Teens “Mona 2”

Issam Hajali “Intazirne”

Originally broadcast on August 12, 2020

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