Radio Phoenix Broadcast of The YabYum Hour: Co-Host Mark Anderson Pt. 1

mark andersonOn this edition of The YabYum Hour, host Carly Schorman welcomes back former host Mark Anderson to join in on the fun. They play a bunch of new songs and banter back and forth in typical fashion. Threats of violence are only mentioned once…

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Diners “In the New Year”

High Waisted “Modern Love”

Chateau Chateau “Finger Paint”

Mega Ran “Year in Gaming 2020”

Grin Scraped Thin “And So Will You”

Bummer Girl “PBR”

Gus D. Wynns & the Breakers “Sea Foam”

Dijon “The Stranger” (feat. Sachi, Dan Reeder, Tobias Jesso Jr., John C. Reilly, Becky and the Birds)

Sargeant X Comrade “Romance in Outer Space” (feat. Kool Keith & DJ Weezl)

Molly Moore + Maty Noyes “Handsomer”

BigRipple “Tonic”

Holy Fawn “The Maze”

Field Medic “Chamomile”

Originally broadcast on February 10, 2021

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