Music Video of the Week | “Different Than Last Year” by Nutter Tut + Lucas Roth

Nutter Tut + Lucas Roth
“Different Than Last Year”

Few of us were naïve enough to think that the tick of midnight would flip the switch on all the horrors 2020 brought to us, any more than we believed the challenges of last year suddenly emerged from the ether of an otherwise all-good state of being felt around the world. At the same time, this year didn’t pull any punches right from the start. That still doesn’t mean we’re going to let it break us down. And, thankfully, we have Nutter Tut and Lucas Roth teaming up to help us meet that challenge.

“Different Than Last Year” insists we’re heading in new directions and it does so with enough confidence to actually convince me. The gravelly vocal delivery from Nutter Tut will put some steel in your spine while the surrounding instrumental carries the listener from determination to tranquility. From the driving hook to the conscious hip hop flow  on the verse until the chill guitar solo on the outro, “Different Than Last Year” can help you shift your perspective as we face the challenges of each passing year.

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