AZ Music Videos!

Well it’s been a minute since we posted any videos and a whole assortment have come to our attention! If you’re an Arizona band and you would like to see your video included on our site, email us a link at [email protected]!
Peachcake – “The World Is Our Platform To Mean Something”
Treasure MammaL Taylor Swift cover Mixed with Chief Keef – “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Because Kanye Took That Mic From Me”
The Cigs – “How Come You Fell?”
Mill’s End – “Castle”
The Oxford Coma – “Seven”
The Haymarket Squares – “Sheriff Joe”
Horizon I – “Northless Compass”
Association for Artistic Integrity – “Justin Bieber’s Vomit Caused by MAN-CAT” 
Serene Dominic – “Reaching for a Memory In the Fire”
Greenhaven – “Ape”