Sole Answers the YabYum Six (Seven)

Photo by William Dickey
Sole, for many of us at YabYum, needs no introduction. Those seeking gold chain raps and bitch slapping rhymes will most likely be disappointed with the hip-hop Sole offers to audiences. Dedicated to fighting the powers that be and inspiring change through art and global activism, Sole was gracious enough to answer the YabYum Six.

1. Who are you and what do you do? 
my name is sole i make music and fight the power!

2. How did you get your start? 
i started recording music with cassette dub tape loops on a karaoke machine. the rest is history.

3. What inspires you?
emma goldman, 1968, guy debord, slavoj zizek, good sci fi novels, my friends, the poetry of francois villon and bob kaufman… shit… been very inspired by andrew jackson jihad lately….

4. What do you like about Arizona?

Photo by William Dickey

i used to live in the middle of the coconino national forest on beaver creek… i honestly believe that the riparian environments outside of sedona are the most beautiful things i have ever seen. i would wake up in the morning read, go bathe in a creek, run around with my dogs, pull a scorpion out of the sink… i love the dry heat… i love that even though in the mountains people are mostly right wing/libertarian i got along well with everyone and had lively discussions. i miss shooting at paintings of terrorists my friend olan would make.

5. What would you like to accomplish before you die?
immortality! riches! i’d like to think i helped create some meaningful lasting change in the united states as well.

6. What is your weapon of choice for the zombie apocalypse?
tons and tons of IEDs with a gatling gun as a back up.

   7. What would Sole’s Ruthless Criticism of Arizona be?
fuck sherrif joe arpaio and his racist supporters. other than that i wish that you could take the buildings in tucson and place them in flagstaff… that would literally be the best city in america. maybe not remove them from tucson, just duplicate em!

It has been over seven years since the release of Sole’s last solo album Live From Rome. Sole’s upcoming solo album, A Ruthless Criticism of Everything Existing, is finally set to release this November 13th. Pre-order available here. Fans get an instant download of Sole’s Songs That Went VOID ep when pre-ordering A Ruthless Criticism of Everything Existing.


Songs That Went VOID provides an awesome precursor to Sole’s upcoming release, and proves that the D.I.Y. revolution is alive and well. While first listening to the ep, I was tempted to throw my bike into oncoming traffic and start an impromptu protest of the streets around me, but I instead found that the ep was just as well suited for getting aggro at the gym.  

Songs That Went VOID is like a hip-hop spaceship that travels through the cosmos taking solace in snapping the necks of corrupt systems and greedy politicians. While some would say that Sole no longer lives in Arizona, in many ways the suggestion seems subjective. After several repetitions, I am sure Songs That Went VOID will not burn out my weekly playlist anytime soon.

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