The 2012 Bands We Should Have Covered

We hear so many great albums and see so many wonderful shows throughout the year it’s impossible to cover it all… we’re understaffed and overworked and not a’one of us can call YabYum our full-time profession and we all work on our own art too and not even Mitchell Hillman can cover everything. What we’re saying is that many of the bands we want to cover don’t always receive the coverage they deserve from us. We had hoped/planned to cover all of the bands on the list below in 2012.  We hoped to become Zen masters of the universe. Maybe both will happen, someday. This was our biggest year ever. We hoped to double our readership over the course of the year and we were absolutely thrilled when it tripled. All we can say is 2013 is going to be frickin’ ridiculous. The list below is in no particular order.

Gospel Claws
Future Loves Past
Banana Gun
Japhy’s Descent
Emby Alexander
Weird Is the New Cool
All My Friends
Rhythm Dragons
Make My Baby
Barefoot & Pregnant
Black Bottom Lighters
Vial of Sound
Mega Ran
The Oxford Coma
Terra Firma
Of The Painted Choir
Local Wizards
Boss Frog
Where Dead Voices Gather
Deer Leader
Andrew Duncan Brown
Rose Colored Eyes
French Girls
Hug of War
Gay Kiss
Exploding Oranges
The Pübes
… and many others. 
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