AZ Rockabilly is Alive and Kickin’!

Who doesn’t like rockabilly? Certainly no one here at YabYum. Our severe lack of coverage on this foot-stompin’ music however did inspire us to fix all that. So without further ado, here are three Arizona rockabilly bands you ‘gotta’ hear!

Rhythm Dragons

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen them quite a few times over the years, but whenever I think of AZ rockabilly the first band that pops in my mind are the Rhythm Dragons. 13 years deep and 10 albums later, their newest, Trio Del Grande is a rollickin’ good time. Anthony Vincent (guitar/vocals), Josh Gihle (upright bass/vocals) and Bob Stubbs (drums) do a mighty fine job on their instruments of destruction, the smell of fire and smoke seems to seethe through one’s speakers. With the news that a new, 14 track-album is underway, it doesn’t look like these dragons are slowing down anytime soon! Hear ’em here.

The Quakes

The Quakes are psychobilly at it’s finest. Formed in New York in 1986, they continue to swing crowds around the world. Nowadays they call Phoenix home, shaking crowds in the desert heat. Though there have been many incarnations of the band, Paul Roman (lead singer/guitarist) has always kept it rockin’. Do yourself a favor and catch them live at Pub Rock Live on February 16th, you still just might be able to pick up a copy of their latest vinyl Planet Obscure. Listen to the Quakes here.
The Devil’s Daughters
The Devil’s Daughters are Mysti Moon and Lisa Mortensen, two damsels that are definitely not in distress. The two provide devilish harmonies over their brand of red-hot, americana rockabilly.  With a recent picture posted to Facebook of the gals “Laying down scratch vocals” and the discovery that their 3-song Demo has been truncated to just one song online (their first single, “Pass That Bottle”), one hopes that a full length album is coming out soon! Check out the Devil’s Daughters here.
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