5 Hot New AZ Singles



With members in both Arizona and California, Therapist are already making a name for themselves in both states for their punky, funky, nu-disco sound. With nods to Gossip and the Moving Units, Therapist’s new single “Desire” delivers a solid bass punch, spiked and everything. As any pop hook should, “1, 2, 3, 4” will undoubtedly get stuck in your head in the best/worst way. Also there’s just something about repeating, octave-jumping bass lines that force a listener to dance. You can’t help it, don’t even try. Listen to and download “Desire” here.

Lula, My Baby
Of the Painted Choir should be feeling pretty darn good. With release shows of their eponymously titled EP both April 5th at the Yucca in Tempe and April 12th at Club Congress in Tucson, they have plenty to be happy about. Spreading the love a little, the band is offering their first single from the EP, “Lula, My Baby” as a free download here. If “Lula” sounds familiar to some of our more regular readers, never fear, this is a brand new, nicely polished recording. Also appearing on the album is a new recording of “A Spanish Mountain” as well as 2 songs not yet ever released. Consider us excited!

Spirit Cave

Nothing Can Save You (1 of 5) / Can You Feel It

If you have not yet climbed aboard the Spirit Cave bandwagon, please do so immediately. I mean I want to see this thing packed Tamil Nadu style with people just barely hanging on. Although not due to release for another 6 years (according to their  Bandcamp), the Hungry Ghost EP promises to be nothing short of stellar with its first two tracks, the enigmatic “Nothing Can Save You (1 of 5)” and the reggae-inspired “Can You Feel It.” For now, we’ll just have to settle with these and their first EP, ∞8, an album I also highly recommend hearing here.

Whatever Girl / Habits
I remember meeting the Echo Bombs on my birthday last year at the Sail Inn. I enjoyed their surf-gaze sound and was pleased to hear that they had formed from the ashes of their former band, Analog Society. The new singles “Whatever Girl” and “Habits” from their upcoming EP Akward Summer reveal 1980’s goth influence through 90’s alternative. Cecilia Olea belts her lyrics of youthful angst against the backdrop of solid bass and guitar lines provided by Daniel Endicott and Eddie Horn respectively. Nora, their mannequin, provides the beat. Hear the Echo Bombs here.

Ray Reeves

Your Fat Because of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Although Ray Reeves might not be the first artist we associate with the phrase ‘Hot New Single,’ consider our minds changed with  “Your Fat Because of High Fructose Corn Syrup,” an anthem for modern America. Now Mr. Reeves’ songs can sometimes get a little too ruckus for the average listener. With “Corn Syrup,” Ray takes it down just a step to deliver us this important message. Recorded at Audioconfusion and co-engineered/co-produced by Jalipaz, this track is sure to go down in the history books as a real wake-up call. Now if only it could get on the Billboard Hot 100 for real…


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