Writer’s Writing…

Arizona is on its way to being a hub for the arts. If you’re one of the people getting out to shows, attending local festivals and events, you know, moving and shaking your way around the Valley, chances are you already are aware of the changes a’brewing. If you’re still unclear, you should be reading us with a bit more regularity and maybe, just maybe, hopping off the couch with a bit more frequency.

Well, we know music and visual arts are on the rise but how does Arizona stack up when it comes to literary endeavors? Our preliminary surveillance revealed some exciting things underway. From publishing houses/bookstores like Lawn Gnome and the Poisoned Pen Press to the bloggers looking to carve out a readership in the electronic age, Arizona writers are on the rise. Below we’ve included some links to writing projects and writer’s blogs based out of the AZ. We’ll have more for  your viewing pleasure when we unveil our new, improved AZ blog directory here shortly (hopefully, very shortly). For more on local writing talent, check out the Arizona Authors Association.


Trevor Denton of Sun Ghost fame branches out from his musical endeavors with a new look look on the post-mass-destruction Orwellian world so many of us in the Apocalypse Generation have come to expect. Start with the first episode of Bastardkind and keep reading!
ASU poetry student with a Chelsea Minnis sense of grrrl style, Real Time Poetry with Natasha keeps it short and fierce (and often funny).


 Hostile and observant, Write with a Fist offers its readers everything from short vignettes to quick ascertainments to angry grammar lessons for aspiring writers.
Author of two books and blogger at Randomness and Lunacy, Jenn Flynn-Shon runs the gamut of creative writing from nonfiction to poetry and then some.
For more AZ blogs check out our new & improved BLOG DIRECTORY!!