The SAVE JULES Benefit

Make sure to get out to the Blunt Club this Thursday and bring all your extra cash moneys to throw down for the cause. Jules Demetrius, artist and all-around swell guy, has been engaged in a battle against cancer and the time has come to bring in some reinforcements… all of us! As most of us already know, being an artist doesn’t come with the greatest health insurance package, but what it lacks in financial boons it should more than make up for in community support. Raffle prizes have been pouring in from some of our favorite artists, local and beyond, including donations from DJs Cut Chemist and Nu-Mark of Jurassic 5 and AZ’s own Dump La Roc a.k.a. Adam Dumperfoo. We’re all about good times for a good cause and the Blunt Club is place to be this Thursday.

If you’re reading this, we expect to see you there. Check out more about the event and “join” in the fun here.

To read more about Jules, check out his answers to the YabYum7 here!

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