Show Picks of the Week!!

Everybody who doesn’t get out to shows too often should definitely make a point of getting out to see something this week. Choose one of these and we promise you’ll hear something special. In addition to our Five Valley Picks, we’re adding some around the state shows worth a road trip for you metro-area folk or making that must-see list for our Northern and Southern readers.
For more Upcoming Shows, head HERE.
The Mission Creeps from Tucson join Freaks of Nature for an awesome downtown show.
We’re all about Good Music for a Good Cause.
That’s what you’ll get at The Rogue this Saturday.

Beyond PHX!!
Flagstaff, this show was made for you.
Tucson, if you don’t know Bogan Via you should totally go to this show.
If you already know Bogan Via, I don’t need to tell you to go, now do I?
Send us your show flyers (AZ bands only please) – 

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