Take a Hike!


Yes, Phoenix (and surrounding areas) suck in the summer. Sure, there are those freaks who love the heat. The rest of us hate it and must seek out our own ways of addressing this environmental discord, both in our minds and in our actions. Some, usually Minnesota transplants, might justify the heat as being “better than snow” and I guess I can accept that on some level. A few people will even present this only-the-strong-survive philosophy and face the summer as some sort of heroic journey to be braved until the boon of Fall. However you choose to reconcile yourself to the weather in your mind, we’re here to help you find ways to ease a bad case of Arizona summer-hate.

Going for a hike might not sound like the best idea in the world considering the triple digits temps. One is more likely to end up in the hospital with heat stroke than end with some revelatory love for our desert state, but stay with us on this. First you must leave the Valley of the Sun and then you should hike. Someplace beautiful and green. Maybe with some water? This is already getting better. How about bringing lunch along? Next time you have a day off, consider a picnic by a waterfall or climbing down into a canyon or floating in a swimming hole. Such things are possible in Arizona.

If getting out of town presents some challenges consider teaming up with others. Invite friends, share rides, or check out a Meetup group that might be looking for some folks to join in their outdoor fun.

We’re firm believers in practicing what we preach so this past weekend we loaded up Eleanor, the office dog, and some sandwiches from Cheba Hut (who packs your picnic?) and headed north to Clover Creek. This would be a good time to remind everyone to start slow until you learn where your limits lie. Thankfully, just as I was starting to wonder who would be deployed to rescue us from the wilds of Coconino National Forest, a light afternoon rain fell and revived our weary party. We hiked, picnicked, and still had time to nap before heading out to a show that same night.


Here are some fabulous websites to help you plan your next hiking adventure… 

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And, of course, we’re going to throw in some more nature shots to lure you out of your homes.

Our locally provided picnic.