Best Dive Bar to See a Show: The Rogue Bar

Take cheap drinks, a sticky floor, vinyl booths, a beat-up pool table, bathrooms that require nerves of steel to enter, and a nightly list of terrific bands and you have the makings of the Best Dive Bar To See A Show in the Valley – The Rogue Bar.

Hidden away just this side of snotty Scottsdale, The Rogue Bar has been a long-standing venue to see local and national touring acts.

Manning the bar, is Emmanuel “Manny” Tripodis, a long time patron of the local music scene. And while The Rogue Bar has expanded the stage and added a killer sound system AND employs amazing sound technicians like Michael Quinn, don’t let that fool you, the atmosphere is still dive-y and the drinks are still cheap.

Good job Rogue Bar, thanks for keeping it real. And if you are playing a game of pool, here’s a tip: the table leans hard to the left if you’re shooting towards the door…

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