3 Projects to Support

We all know the drill. Art is important. Art takes money. Give some of your money to artists so more art can get made. And, while your doing your good work, you can also score some wicked bonuses from artists you love. Win-win. 
Cousins turned bandmates, Old Hours, is ready to launch their new recording project, but they need a little community support to see their plan in action. Contributors can score early digital copies of the album, stickers, or even a personal concert for all you high rollers out there! Learn more and contribute here!

When Pickster & Riot Earp teamed up to form Broadway Slim, they caught some well-deserved attention, but in order to keep that building force they need a little home team support for their second EP and tour. For as little as five bones, you can show Broadway Slim your love and receive an early digital copy of the EP. Pick your contribution prize packages here.
We dig the funky, folksy music of Tucson’s Carlos Arzate & the Kind Souls. They’re ready to get their debut recording project off the ground and that’s where you come into play. Autographed CDs, early copies of the albums, a personalized song, and a host of other awards wait for potential investors. You can even choose to be a “Fly On The Wall” and sit in at one of the recording sessions. Find out more here.