4 Albums To Get Excited About

Sweet Ghosts

Certain Truths

Release Show Date: April 19th

The beautiful interplay of voices on Sweet Ghosts’ debut release should be reason enough alone to add Certain Truths to the list of albums you want to hear. Katherine Byrnes (also on keys) and Ryan Alfred (also on guitar/bass) share vocal responsibilities as Sweet Ghosts – no easy task as you’ll come to understand listening to Certain Truths. I found the term “chamber folk” amongst their tags and found it totally befitting in a way that extends beyond the presence of violins and pianos. There is a granduer in the music of Sweet Ghosts. Tracks like “Finally Come Home” could easily transition to a stage production. At other moments, Sweet Ghosts takes on a decidedly downhome feel, trading the violins for mandolins and opting to flex their Americana roots. Just as Katherine and Ryan merge voices in Sweet Ghosts, their is an underlying convergence of styles also taking place. Their success can be heard in the album’s fluidity. Sweet Ghosts will be releasing Certain Truths at Plush in Tucson on April 19th with Dry River Yacht Club and Carlos Azarte. For more information on the show, head here. For a preview of Certain Truths, head to the band’s website here and check out “Detroit”.

Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Release Show Date: April 26th

The rustic rocknroll of Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers would have been a good fit with the crowd of the old Tempe Long Wong’s, which I guess is now the old old Wong’s. Earthy and earnest without any of the frills, Yeah Yeah Yeah captures the band’s raw barroom musicality. The album drops on April 22nd but the band will be celebrating the release on Saturday, April 26th, in downtown Tempe as part of the Tempe Music Revival (more here). Live and loud is my preferred format for Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers so I suggest procuring your copy of Yeah Yeah Yeah at a show. You can listen to an early track from the album here where, conveniently, show dates for Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers can also be found.

Rhythm Dragons

Billy 3.0 

Release Show Date: May 1st

Okay, okay, if you simply cannot wait for the release show, the latest album the Rhythm Dragons is already available online for purchase and preview. Rhythm Dragons has been making their way around the Valley Rockabilly circuit for several years now and they have a solid recording history already established. Billy 3.0 promises more retro-stylings from the Rhythm Dragons you’ve come to know and love. Coming in at (surprise) 13 tracks, you’ll be getting bang for your buck with this LP. As fans of the form will tell you, everything before rockabilly was building up to it and everything afterward just descends, often abysmally, from it. Preview the album here. And don’t forget to head out to the Blooze Bar on Thursday, May 1st, for the release show which promises Rockabilly, dames, and danger, in that order.

Where Dead Voices Gather


Sometimes you make the best discoveries just wandering the streets of Phoenix. For example, I learned just last weekend that Where Dead Voices Gather has plans to go into the studio to record their first EP and I, for one, could not be more excited. Desert Noir Gospel is just about the best descriptive phrase we can attach to the unique cultivated sound of Where Dead Voices Gather, aptly named for the Emmett Miller biography by Nick Tosches. The band added a couple live tracks to the greater sphere of the interwebs. Make sure you check those out so you can join in our anticipatory joy. “True Religion” can be heard here. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more about this one. And, while we’re at it, you should also check out this video from Silver Platter of WDVG live at the Trunk Space here. The vocals will pull at the tautest of heartstrings.

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