Kiersten Red Answers the YabYum Seven

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Kiersten Mia Red, and I think of myself as a sculptor. I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and have been working with various mediums ever since.

2. How did you get your start?

I realized I wasn’t as good at dance as I thought, so I took a sculpting class in high school and fell in love with it.

3. What inspires you?

People’s trash, shapes in nature, and trying to capture emotion in time.

4. What do you like about AZ?

The climate in Arizona allows me to be more productive, since most of my sculpting happens outdoors.  (Not so much in the summer.)

5. Where can we see you(r) work?

My studio is open by appointment only, and I regularly post new works to my personal Facebook page.

6. What would you like to accomplish before you die?

A retrospective at the Philadelphia Art Museum.  I would also like to find a way to support more female artists in a male driven art world.

7. What is your mantra?

Take a step back and breathe.

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