Rise! Podcast with Frederick Huang of Of the Painted Choir

Frederick Huang 00Recorded live at Phoenix Center for the Arts in Sunny downtown Phoenix and aired on Radio Phoenix on June 4th, 2014. Fred from Of the Painted Choir came down and picked out some tracks to spin. We also had writer Mike McQuillian stop in and say hello to our readers/listeners. Below you’ll find the complete playlist. Enjoy!

Rise 2014-06-04 by Radio Phoenix on Mixcloud

Sun Bones – “Las Aguas”

Dylan Pratt – “Beg for Fire”

Of the Painted Choir – “Margaret the Murderer”

Sister Lip – “Bedhead”

Chicha Dust – “El Aguajal”

Of the Painted Choir – “Willows”

The Bittersweet Way – “Leave the Day Behind”

Andrew Collberg – “Rich”

Wooden Indian – “Teenage Sun”

decker. – “O.D.B.”