Weekend Brunch at Welcome Diner

by Lenore LaNova
Senior Editor

For those of us in Arizona that experience only two seasons each year (the hot and the less hot), the start of Autumn might not have the traditional signifiers that other folks associate with the season: chilly weather and changing leaves. Instead, we’ll have to settle for other signs that cooler weather approaches like the arrival of holiday decor at Target, pumpkin-flavored everything, and, my favorite, the return of weekend brunch at the Welcome Diner.

For me, personally, brunch at Welcome Diner is all about the “Sunrise” – a breakfast sandwich with your choice of chorizo, sausage, or bacon topped with a fried egg, arugula, and aioli all on a fresh biscuit. Now, if you have yet to experience the Welcome Diner Biscuit, you are truly missing out on one of Phoenix’s new culinary emblems. Other breakfast biscuit offerings include the Garfield Sunrise (sauteed kale, fried egg, Crystal Hot Sauce) or, of course, Biscuits and Gravy (with choice of sausage or mushroom gravy).

Welcome Diner provides Southern cooking for Southwesterners and if you’re looking for a real down-home breakfast to start your day, you might opt for the Holy Puerco (cheddar gritcake, pulled pork, fried egg, & Carolina BBQ sauce).

Brunch at the Welcome Diner provides not only hearty meals for hungry patrons, they offer delectable dishes for the discerning palate. When you order a scramble here, it’s not going to resemble your average roadside diner dish. It might contain fresh, locally-sourced kale with chicken and smoked Gouda. Or maybe some Andouille sausage. Bring a designated driver (or walk down, all you hip Phoenicians) and start you weekend off with an artfully crafted cocktail. A Mimosa, Tomato Creole Bloody Mary, or maybe a Clockwork Orange Cream Cocktail?

And, I have to admit that every time I drop in at Welcome Diner for weekend brunch, I’m always tempted to skip straight to the Beignets dusted in local honey and powered sugar. It’s like a doughnut, right? That counts as breakfast. Make sure you head out to Welcome Diner for weekend brunch. For all you late-night revelers, some of their breakfast options are available throughout the day now so you can have your “Sunrise” at sunset (I really couldn’t stop myself).

This might also be a good time to mention that the people who brought us the Welcome Diner are going to be launching a new eatery in October: Welcome CHICKEN + DONUTS!

For a complete menu, check out Welcome Diner’s website.

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