Radio Phoenix Podcast with Scott Howard of Tramps & Thieves

Scott Howard Tramps & Thieves

To celebrate the summer release of Tramps & Thieves latest release, Galloping Hearts, we asked Scott Howard (TnT guitarist/vocalist/songwriter) to join us for Rise on Radio Phoenix! We have the complete list down below. Enjoy the show and don’t forget to snag your own copy of their new album here: Galloping Hearts – Tramps & Thieves!

Rise 2014-08-06 by Radio Phoenix on Mixcloud


Gloritone “Swan Dive”

Tramps & Thieves “Beacon Lights”

Dave Insley “There’s Gonna Be A Few Changes”

Truckers on Speed “Zamora, CA”

Jesse Valenzuela “Damaged Goods”

Tramps & Thieves “Galloping Hearts”

Dead Hot Workshop “Nixon Saves”

Mark Zubia “I Wonder”

Calexico “Splitter”

Rich Hopkins & Bill Sedlmayr “The Fifty Percenter”

Greyhound Soul “Rain”

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