Radio Phoenix Podcast with Justin Moody

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Our 2014 Songwriter of the Year, Justin Moody, came down to join us live on the air at Radio Phoenix. He brought along some wonderful tunes from other local artists to share. The complete playlist can be found below…


Justin Moody “Bargain for a Bad Man’s Love”

Flower Festival “Shame on Me”

Bear State “If I Die, I Die”

Saw Fox “Brother”

Them Savages “Pretty Little Thief”

Dylan Pratt “Sands”

Instructions “Jeff Gordon”

Boss Frog “The Rain”

Roar “I Can’t Handle Change”

Petty Things “Bored”

Justin Moody “You Left for Now”

Where are All the Buffalo? [now performing as Pageant] “Children at Play”

Recorded live on November 19, 2014.

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