Motobunny Releases Rocking Self-Titled Debut

motobunny 01

Photo by Susan Jordan Anderson and courtesy of Motobunny

by Song River
Contributing Writer

I have always wanted to sit down at a café table with Tom Waits and Iggy Pop along with Pia Zadora…. I have now just added Motobunny to this epitome of rock and pop culture imagery. Motobunny’s music is a thematic twist of, “C’mon and get it boys ‘cuz we are bad aces!”

I now need to adjust my leather skirt, straighten my fish nets, and apply my wicked luscious shade of femme fatale.

Have you ever slipped on your favorite go-go boots, sucked on a delicious strawberry flavored lollipop, worn a short white leather skirt, or slid your arms into a black leather motorcycle jacket? It’s like the moment you let go as you’re meticulously decked out to shimmy and shake all you have to the Love Shack. And that is exactly what defines Motobunny: bouncy, pop-luscious, misbehaved, bad girl feeling, not your mama’s rocknroll kit. No, it’s Motobunny and you’ve signed on to the MotoClub.

“The Other Side” is the opening spin and it contains an innocuous beat of playful pulsation and driving rhythm, “So come on, come on/won’t you lift me up to the other side?”  It’s one of my favorites from their self-titled, brand new album Motobunny. Each track given and delivered, without question, to get your tail plumage grooving.

Every bunny has a ‘tail’ to tell and Motobunny’s came together over a long friendship between members of The Love Me Nots and The Woolly Bandits. Since their first sharing of stages, vans, green rooms and “seedy tour motels” it seemed to be an inevitable trip to take this undeniable electricity of eccentric proportions and create songs for this dual fronted female rocknroll collab. Without hesitation, the members of Motobunny (Christa Collins- aka Roxy Moto, Nicole Laurenne -aka Violet Moto, Michael Johnny Walker, and Rik Collins) made their way to Detroit where they recorded with Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Dirtbombs); gave it a mix by Bob Hoag (Ataris, Deer in The Headlights); and completed mastering with Jason Livermore (Rise Against). This lollapalooza of pop-lusciousness has now blessed the airwaves with twelve tracks.

Driving in my car, cruising open and free along the streets of Los Angeles, my windows are down and the wind blows against my cherry red lips as the smell of ocean air mixed with juicy burgers wafts through. Teasing, tantalizing and making me feel alive. The sauciness of expectations playfully fixes itself into my gaze and somewhere my eyes, now dark, smoldering and ready for action, are hidden behind dark shades as Motobunny plays loudly on my car stereo.

For more info, check out Motobunny’s webpage. They are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And make sure to watch the video below for “Let’s Go Out”, the second single from Motobunny.