New Music Alert | “Worth So Much More” by John Cornelio

John Cornelio
“Worth So Much More”

John Cornelio dropped this super sweet ditty last month, but this Valentine’s Day release still deserves some love. Cornelio delivers a heartfelt message on his new song that everyone should hear on “Worth So Much More” in his charming indie pop style. Playful and laid-back, this starry-eyed track sneaks up on you and takes hold. You know, like love has been known to do on occasion.

The sentimental lyrics match Cornelio’s melodious pop to cast a romantic net. I hope Valentine’s day worked out for him because I’m pretty sure John Cornelio is the one you want to take home to meet your mother. Jason Hines produced and co-wrote “Worth So Much More” and the music video (which you should check out below) was shot by Corey Barrick. Let’s here it for PHX artists, right?!!