Most Intense Aural Experience: ‘DEATH SPELLS’ by HOLY FAWN

As you prepare to embark on the totally encompassing experience that is HOLY FAWN’s 2018 album, DEATH SPELLS, I suggest you ask yourself, “Am I in a good space, emotionally speaking?” The aural landscape sweeps from vibrant, green meadows to industrial deluge as HOLY FAWN crafts sound in a space beyond genre. I mean, what is it? Folk-Metal? Nature Noise? However you want to describe their sound, this album is something special and everyone seems to be picking up on that.

In fact, HOLY FAWN will be teaming up this year with the good people of Deathwish Records [US] & Holy Roar Records [EU] to release DEATH SPELLS as a double LP on frost white vinyl.  Want want want…

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