5 Rambunctious New Singles

Bear Ghost

Necromancin’ Dancin‘”

Looks like Bear Ghost is starting off the year swinging. The recently released the second single from their forthcoming album, Blasterpiece. The new single, “Necromancin’ Dancin'”, is more than four minutes of feisty fun prog rock. The new track is available for preview below along with “Funkle Phil”, the first single from the album. I suggest checking out both tracks and consider placing that pre-order (which also includes a ticket to the release show later this month). The new album, Blasterpiece, comes out on Feb. 20th at Last Exit Live. Bear Ghost will be celebrating with musical guests Fairy Bones, Twin Ponies, and Deadfoxx so make sure you mark your calendars for that event! More info on the release show can be found here.


Nanami Ozone


Nanami Ozone is a new band making their way around the Valley but you might recognize the players from other acts like Numb Bats and Petty Things. If that’s not enough to get you “enthuzed” to hear their new single, I don’t think we should be friends anymore. Nanami Ozone has that gritty garage pop sound that has all the kids raving these days. You can check out the new single, “Desire”, below. If you feel like delving further into the early offerings of Nanami Ozone, I suggest heading here to listen to some demos that the band put out last October.


Trash Pit

Trash Pit

The two-track single from Flagstaff trio – Trash Pit – is dissonant, edgy, and totally listenable, maybe even dance-able. That’s saying something when it comes to post-wave music. The s/t debut kicks off with “Bitch Betty”, a track both minimal and, at the same time, grungey. The second (and closing) track, “Tiger Blue Jeans”, has some dark drone laying over their stark punk. If you’re in the Flagstaff area, you can catch Trash Pit live tonight at Mia’s. For the rest of us stuck in the Phoenix Metro Valley and beyond, we’ll keep you posted on later show dates from Trash Pit. If their debut single is any indication, this band is going to put on one hell of a show.


The Lamebrains

Two Songs

The two-track release from The Lamebrains includes more of the retro-styled, organ-heavy, garage pop we’ve come to expect from the Phoenix band. “Time for More Problems” opens the release, arranging “mental malaise” in conjunction with refurbished musicality that will have you bobbing your head. “I am Everything” follows and the lyrics quickly establish it as my preferred track on Two Songs. With both tracks combined clocking in at under three minutes, there’s no reason to miss out on Two Songs by The Lamebrains.


Scott Calvin

Mountain Standard Time

If I’m being totally honest, I almost glazed right over this new single from Scott Calvin when I sat down to start listening to the music 2016 had in the works. But, alas, I try to listen to give everything on my list at least a cursory spin before I dismiss it and now I understand why we put that policy in place. Scott Calvin, which is the name of a band and not the name of individual in the band, is a new act from the Tucson area. “Mountain Standard Time”, their first single, is an emo-tinged, distortion-heavy number that caught me totally off-guard. Maybe that’s because I was picturing a pony-tailed, making-music-on-the-weekend, probably-a-middle-school-guidance-counselor-who-brings-his-guitar-to-work Scott Calvin. A man, I might add, who does not actually exist. The band, Scott Calvin, took the name from  the dad inThe Santa Clause, for those of us that remember Tim Allen’s post-Home Improvement work. . Never judge a book by its cover… or a band by their name.