7 Fresh HipHop Singles

Kay B Brown


Chattanooga’s Kay B Brown has a straight forward rhyme style with a slight Southern slink. Add to that a relaxed, but powerful beat and you’ve got “Travel”, the latest single from Kay B. The journey implied by the title of the track is an internal one as the artist embarks inward to examine the relationships in his life. This single promises good things for Kay B Brown’s forthcoming release, Story 2 Tell, so keep your ears open for that album. Until then, give “Travel” a spin below…



A heavy-handed piano kicks off “Hearbeat” before the addition of a smooth vocal flourish from KAT. But, it’s Hyde’s sick rhyme style that really sold me on this new single. Lyrical prowess meets nimble delivery on “Heartbeat”.  The single comes to us from Hyde’s recently released LP, Fire from the Heart, which is available here. First, check out “Heartbeat” by Hyde below. It’s a sleek single you’re going to want to add to your weekend playlist.

Blaze Rock

“Defy Gravity”

Phoenix’s Blaze Rock has been putting out albums for several years so I’m a little pissed that I haven’t heard about him before. I blame Blaze Rock (put us on your press list please). This new single, “Defy Gravity”, comes to us from the artist’s forthcoming release, Dangerwolf, which is due out in January. A steady beat provides the vehicle for Blaze Rock’s reflections on ambition, his own character, and life in general. The single was produced by MDUBMUZIK and recorded and mixed by Blaze Rock. Give “Defy Gravity” a listen below then head over to Bandcamp here to secure that pre-order.

Pale Ale & The Consumer

“I’m a Loser”

According to this musical duo, “Humor makes the truth hurt less.” Let’s hope so. In their new single, “I’m a Loser”, Pale Ale & The Consumer take a mellow and meditative look at the lonely struggle of young artists, all set to a chill beat. The hard truths found in “I’m a Loser” receive some soft soaping from the duo’s humorous slant on the subject. And, I feel I should add for all you single folks out, there is something truly amazing about getting naked, eating pizza, and watching Netflix. Embrace it and don’t let yourself get down about it.

Jimmy Javier

“Prime Time”

Hey all you football fans, Jimmy Javier has the new single for you. “Prime Time” incorporates humor with a true love for the game. Javier proves to be quite the name-dropper on this track so maybe some of you out there in listener-land will be able to identify a few more of the punches than I was able to. Football fan, I am not, but I do have a special place in my heart for a HipHop track with a solid beat and sick rhyme. “Prime Time” has both. Give it a spin below…

Eon MC Etc. & Adduci

“Lady Liberty”

The L.A.-based record label United Statements dropped this new single crafted by Eon MC Etc. & Adduci. “Lady Liberty” adds a touch of humor to the serious topics addressed in the song. I especially enjoy when Miss Liberty responds to the artists on the track. But, perhaps more importantly, “Lady Liberty” has a fresh beat, slick rhymes, richly textured harmonies, and a solid message. Give “Lady Liberty” by Eon MC Etc. & Adduci a listen below…

Connor Evans

“Right Now” 

Connor Evans creates hiphop for club kids. After breaking into the scene with some national attention back in 2013, Evans took a step back from music-making only to emerge again three years later with The Vibe. “Right Now” comes to us from that release. Combining a slinky rhyme style with a crawling bass line, “Right Now” creates a chill mood as soon as you hit play. The Vibe is available for purchase (and download) here, but start with “Right Now” below…