November 2013 in Review

Music Videos with Mergence, Wolvves, Cherie Cherie, Mouse Powell, and The Saving Pointe
Examining “From Lemons to Lingerie: The Still Life Redefined”

3 Eclectic Albums with Dinosaur Love, Orphans, and Burning Palms
Live Music Videos with Fairy Bones, Tramps & Thieves, Playboy Manbaby, Nowhere Man & A Whiskey Girl, Catfish Mustache, and Small Leaks Sink Ships
5 Stellar Singles with Captain Squeegee, Stray Flares, Supa Joint, Head, and Vagabond Gods

3 Albums to Check Out with Fathers Day, Weird Ladies, and Shawn Skinner
Future Loves Past: All the Luscious Plants
5 Albums We’re Excited About with Former Friends of Young Americans, JJCnV, Steff & the Articles, Cherie Cherie, and Tierra Firme
Captain Squeegee: To the Bardos

3 New Albums, Transplant Edition, with Stephen Steinbrink, Tracy Shedd, and Muscle
Music Videos with Clay Dudash, Supa Joint, JJCnV, Lost in Atlantis, and Saddles
3 New & Stellar Albums with The SunPunchers, Liila, and Bryant Vazquez
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