Best Folk-Fusion: The Foster Family Band

foster family bandMan, this band is good.

Sometimes, although not as often as we like, the artistry of an album really takes us aback and leaves us struggling to find the right words to translate that aural experience into something our readers can understand. For me, // by The Foster Family Band was that release.

Even though all four tracks on the EP clock in at under 15 minutes, the music stays with you and begs for repeat visits. The Foster Family Band creates orchestral folk that weaves in elements of jazz and blues, amongst other styles, to arrive at a sound both novel and exquisite.

Back in autumn, we wrote this about the release: “Every arrangement is tasteful and uncluttered; every player a competent of a single expression, not clamoring for presence in every moment.” And, after months of repeat listens, those words still hold true.

The release was recorded in a full-band live session. Keep that in mind as you listen to // by the Foster Family Band as it speaks volumes about the strength of the seven players that make up the act. Spend some time with The Foster Family Band below…

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