7 Rad Music Videos: The Folk + Americana Edition

Francesca Blanchard

French-American singer-songwriter Francesca Blanchard now calls Vermont home, but her rich and earthy voice is being carried well beyond the maple region. Her latest single, “Free”, was featured on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy which has created quite a bit of buzz for this up-and-coming artist.


Death Machine
“Under the Pillow”

Danish musician Jesper Mogensen began Death Machine as a solo endeavor after apparently having a real shit week, but the project has since expanded. “Under the Pillow” marks the third single from Death Machine’s latest album, Cocoon. There’s a real desert noir quality to the track which is probably why we’re digging on it so much this week.

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The Hottman Sisters
“My War”

The sisters from Omaha who front the aptly named act, The Hottman Sisters,  create richly harmonic indie-pop. Their single, “My War”, is an emotionally charged number with strong Americana roots.


The Brothers Comatose
“Don’t Make Me Get Up and Go”

Don’t expect citified music-making from the San Francisco band known as The Brother Comatose. They shoot for a bluegrass sound that could pass anywhere along the Mississippi and they don’t miss, but they do so without forsaking that easygoing West Coast attitude.


George Boomsma
“Streets Paved with Gold”

This indie-folk singer-songwriter from North Yorkshire is gearing up for the February release of his sophomore effort with his new single, “Streets Paved with Gold”. Pensive lyricism and expressive vocals make for a moving number. And the string quartet is a nice touch too.


“Desert Song”

Irrevery describes their act as an “existential art country band.” Count me in. Despite their NYC address, this band channels the spirit of a desert rat for this new single. And… it looks like they might have consumed some peyote in the desert while conceptualizing this music video.

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Calming River

Calming River, an alt-folk act from England, brings us this captivating, and slow-moving, single. The vocals don’t enter in until we’re near the five-minute-mark, but you might not notice the absence. There is tension that exists between the peaceful guitar-led melody and the texturing that fills in the emotional landscape.