Radio Phoenix Podcast: The Bittersweet Way

bittersweet way 01The Bittersweet Way joined us down at the Radio Phoenix studios for The YabYum Hour before heading down to Bisbee for Sidepony Music Festival and the band’s own release show of their latest album, Presents. Now, is that ‘Presents’ as in “I present this to you” or is it more like “Yay! Presents!”? Well, you’re gonna have to tune in to find out. While you’re at it, you can hear the sweet playlist brought in by Jed that’s actually a mix-tape he made 20 years ago!

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The Bittersweet Way  “Already Over”

The Apples In Stereo “Tidal Wave”

Idaho “Crawling Out”

Cranes “Slide”

Drugstore “Fader”

Spiritualized “Let It Flow”

The Bittersweet Way “Almost Cheating”

The Lassie Foundation “I Can Be Her Man”

Matthew Sweet “Sick Of Myself”

Fine China “I’m Sorry”

Starflyer 59 “The Dungeon”

Recorded live Nov. 1, 2017

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