7 Hawt HipHop Videos

Eclectic Method
“Outta Sight”

Chuck D (who needs no other introduction) jumps on this new track from Eclectic Method; a video remix artist currently  based in Barcelona. The electronica instrumental offers listeners something a little different in the music pairing with traditional rap.

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Brooklyn’s GV has some serious lyrical prowess and you can hear him lay it out on his new single, “Tunnelz”. GV, if you’re wondering, stands for “God’s Voice” and, while that might feel a bit hyperbolic for some, there’s no denying the powerhouse here.


Aaron Cohen
“See Red”

Seattle Rapper, Aaron Cohen, just completed a 50-city/7-country tour and he’s got a brand new LP about to drop on all those new fans he met on his travels. “See Red”, the title track from his forthcoming release, deals with some music-industry aggression and, well, we fucking get it.


Shan Vincent de Paul
“Bitch Go”

Sri Lankan born rapper, Shan Vincent de Paul, calls Toronto home, but that doesn’t mean he can’t chime in on the current crisis in the United States: Trump. And, if that wasn’t already cool enough, Shan Vincent de Paul directed the slick music video for “Bitch Go” on his own. This is definitely an artist to look into. If you dig this track, I suggest sampling “Die Iconic” as well.


Jack Harlow
“Dark Knight”

Jack Harlow seems pretty high-energy. Not just in his rhyme style, but if this music video is any indication, in every other aspect of his life as well. The emcee from Louisville, KY

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“Cop Cars”

Don’t confuse Eclypse with any other artists on this list. He is Pittsburgh born and brought out some of the city’s finest to contribute to Bird’s Eye View, his latest LP. “Cop Cars” comes to us from that album and the single features the talents of Shad Ali, Hubbs, and DJ Bamboo.


Jamar Carr
“Nothing New”

This emcee from Queens dropped his debut album, Politically Incorrect: Wealth In The Ghetto, and offered up this slick new single in music video form. Jamar Carr might be new on the scene, but he’s an artist to keep watching.


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