New Music Alert | “Bright Blue” by KRXS

“Bright Blue”

KRXS dropped this new lyric video for his single “Bright Blue” which comes to us from his brand-spanking-new EP, Songs Your Parents Will Hate. The Phoenix artist occasionally navigates the dangerous waters of rap-rock on his EP, but this track is a pop punk banger. “Bright Blue” brings a breath of romance to us in this dreary world and delivers it with some house shaking energy – if your speakers can handle it. KRXS gives fans one of his best vocal performances on the album and a feel-good charm you won’t find elsewhere. There’s a sulk pop glaze that coats the other songs on Songs Your Parents Will Hate, but honestly, that’s my exact ratio of happy to miserable too.

Check out the lyric video for “Bright Blue” below. For our regular readers, you might even recognize someone else who pops up in the latter half of the video (It’s Chelsey from Fairy Bones / Poor Life Choices Management).  Then make sure you check out the new EP from KRXS and get some of that angst out of your system in a fun, non-violent fashion.

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