7 Rad Music Videos: The Indie Edition

“Count Your Blessings”

Mattiel’s s/t debut LP came out through Burger Records in September, but it’s already sold out. Just like the slick 7″ single that first featured “Count Your Blessings” sold out. Basically, you better just follow Mattiel so you don’t miss your window on those vinyl releases. Fear not, you can still score the digi-download.

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Joe Russell-Brown
“Post-Youth Depression” 

If you’re the jealous type, I’d just skip right over this track and move onto the next one because, frankly, this 19-year-old is about to show all you indie rockers up. Joe Russell-Brown isn’t old enough to drink, but he’s got a slick new album that’s all kinds of cool. Check out his new music video for “Post-Youth Depression” then head here for the EP of the same title that just dropped on Dec. 1st.


Liza Anne

Nashville singer-songwriter Liza Anne is gearing up for her debut release through Arts & Crafts Records. Fine But Dying is set for release in March and Liza Anne will be following up with a headlining tour of the U.S. Alas, no Phoenix stops… this time. “Paranoia” is a mere sampling of what to expect from Liza Anne.


Citrus Clouds
“Life Happens”

Shoegaze post-rockers Citrus Clouds show some #PHX love in their new video for “Life Happens”.  We (at YabYum) actually had the privilege of premiering this track many moons ago, prior to the release of the band’s EP, Ultra Sound. The visual accompaniment gives the song new life that as vibrantly #desertgaze as the band.


This Pale Fire

The sweeping cinematic expression of “Curse” matches the subtle emotional power of the single from This Pale Fire. This video comes to us all the way from Auckland [New Zealand], but I’m pretty sure there are some otherworldly elements in the visual narrative. If not, I definitely need to make a trip to the southern hemisphere.


Dom Youdan

This London-born, Sydney-based artist creates gently moving indie-folk that shifts from stripped bare to orchestral and back again on “Tigerlily”. The single is an intimate exposition on young love and Dom Youdan’s lyrical delivery strikes the right emotional chords. “Tigerlily” is the title track from Youdan’s new EP which just recently dropped.


The Ramona Flowers

Indie-electro act, The Ramona Flowers, invited America’s Got Talent finalist KidtheWiz to provide the moves for their latest music video. Both the song and the choreography manage to capture that initial spark when two fated “Strangers” meet.


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