5 Soulful Singles to Inspire You on a Drab Day

Heart Society


Teneia Sanders-Eichelberger and Benjamin Eichelberger, the married duo behind Heart Society, called the Valley home not too long ago and they have the Phoenix New Times awards to prove it. In 2015, they cashed out and bought a trailer to take their musical message to the road. Fast forward a few years and Heart Society emerged from Mississippi with their rock-fueled soul-sound. “Rocket” comes to us from the duo’s forthcoming release, Wake the Queens, which is due out later this week!

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Lando Chill + The Lasso


Lando Chill (who won our award for Best HipHop Album in 2017) is back without another innovative approach to the genre. For māyā. maia. mayu, which came on February 2, Lando Chill teamed up with another Tucson artist, The Lasso. A mellow musicality sets the atmospheric vibe for the lyrical ruminations. “Golden” is only the first track on māyā. maia. mayu so start here but don’t stop. Meander through the six songs on this EP when you have time to leisurely lay back and indulge the listening experience.




The London-based vocalist Jareth has shared “Kaleidoscope”, the first single from her debut solo EP. Jareth’s voice has a ponderous heft to it as she guides the listeners through a dreamy, if overcast, aural landscape. What else should one expect when an artist plumbs “the depths of one’s subconsciousness” for creativity and clarity. Moonchild, Jareth’s new EP, is due out later this year through Moonshot Records so follow the artist to stay up-to-date on the new EP.



“Pull Up”

Houston’s David Byers makes music under the moniker DAVESTATEOFMIND. The singer-songwriter-rapper brings all this talents together on his new single, “Pull Up”. Combining HipHop and Soul, DAVESTATEOFMIND offers a chill take on modern romance. This is a new artist on the R&B scene but some wave-making potential is definitely there.


Sophie Faith x Midnight Phunk

“Say So”

We have another team up project. This one comes from London songbird, Sophie Faith, and Midnight Phunk. “Say So” keeps the instrumental end interesting without cluttering the soundscape which gives Faith plenty of breathing room for her spacious vocals. And, as the lyrics takes a reflective look at a relationship now lost, the emotive energy feels authentic in its delivery on this Jazz-Soul fusion.


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