5 Mellow Singles to Help You Unfurl

by Carly Schorman



Get ready for a voice that will haunt you. “Bird”, the debut single from London-based artist, Sabiyha, provides the perfect introduction to the combined power of her lyricism and vocals. Brooding, orchestral indie-folk sets the backdrop for the heart-wrenching performance on “Bird” as the songwriter explores the cultural displacement she experienced as an individual of Indo-Caribbean descent “trying to assimilate into a world where I didn’t truly fit in.”  The single comes to us from Sabiyha’s debut EP, Hollow Bones, which is due out later this month. Not to be missed.

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 The Hails


Fusing together a modern indie sound with a 70s style pop groove, The Hails from Gainesville [FL] crafted this slinky new single. Vocalist Robbie Kingsley lays out a lounge vibe while the slowly building instrumental gains more focus as the track progresses; always fluidly interwoven with the vocal layers. “Younger” by The Hails is perfect for long afternoons and early cocktail hours.

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Sarah Chapman


Some of you might best know Sarah Chapman as the frontwoman of Phoenix’s Ghost Cat Attack, but the songwriter has another side… something a little more stripped-down and sultry. Chapman frequently performs around the Valley in this solo-mode, but fans can now take home the intimacy of those acoustic performances with Let Love Shine  – the brand-new EP slated for release this weekend. “Distraction” offers us the first taste of what’s to come and, at the same time, a small glimpse into the songwriter’s inner workings as she looks to balance that #artlyfe and her love life.

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Delafaye (aka Andrew Shockley) first captured our attention last year with the release of three new EPs (yep, THREE). Looks like the Louisville songwriter has no plans of slowing down in 2018. “Anyway” came out earlier this month through Street Mission Records and marks Delafaye’s first single since last September. My guess is that the prolific Delafaye cooked up some stellar new songs during that six-month hiatus in releases and “Anyway” is only our first sampling of what’s to come. If so, this is looking like a promising year for Delafaye fans.


 Vintage Clothes

“See Her Fantasies”

Phoenix’s Vintage Clothes released their jazzy debut s/t EP back in January and on that release you can find this funky track, “See Her Fantasies”. Vintage Clothes combines the talents of Michael Oden and Matt Oliverio for a retro-styled sound for a chill vibe that could easily fit in at any hip downtown piano bar. “See Her Fantasies” is about more than looking beyond the woman to see the fantasies that lurk beneath; it’s about breaking down those gender barriers that seek to cage us all.

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