Radio Phoenix Broadcast of The YabYum Hour: Editor’s Choice

mark 01With everyone else either working or on vacation, Senior Editor Mark Anderson was left to his own devices and created his own playlist for this Editor’s Choice edition of The YabYum Hour. Built from songs that YabYum has featured along with some special, surprise gems, Mark’s only goal was to create something Carly would like. #realtalk


The Echo Bombs “Let Down”

Golden BooTs “Psychological Strength”

Gene Tripp “A Ripple”

Honey Danger and the I-10 Shooters “Lonely Only One”

Giant Sand “Tumble and Tear”

The Foster Family Band “Masquerades”

Buffalo Sex Change “Teeth”

Qais Essar “The Ghost You Love Most”

Sugar Skull Explosion “Oh My God [Man-Cat cover]

T.O.S.O. “Psychole”

Fever Feel “Somewhere Down the Line”

Samantha Clemmons “Burn”

Erin Rae “Putting on Airs”

Chris Cron “Fake News”

Moon Hooch “Light it Up”

Originally broadcast on May 23, 2018

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