5 Feisty New Singles


by Carly Schorman

Whispering Wires

“Dollar Store/We’re Gonna Take It”

Tucson’s Whispering Wires has a new six song EP available so, if we haven’t already introduced you to this under-the-radar act, the time is now. “Dollar Store/We’re Gonna Take It” offered fans an early preview of Lisin To Whispering Wires along with the EP’s extended opener, “Tie Dye Holocaust”. Whispering Wires occupies a special place between weird punk and psych rock that fun, feisty, and vibrant as a summer sky in the Sonoran. Snap up Lisin To Whispering Wires from Whispering Wires right now.

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Poster Parents

“Drunk Dial”

Come on now, who hasn’t been on one side or the other of a drunk dial. This track from Phoenix’s Poster Parents is about just that. Well, to be specific, the song is about, and I quote, “that one time my ex called me at 4:00 AM to go tell me to eat a bag of dicks.” Srsly, we’ve all been there. Mixing humor with the hurt (someone else’s, that is), “Drunk Dial” offers up some rambunctious pop punk straight from the garage to your ear holes. Check out this new single from Poster Parents on Bandcamp and maybe stick around for some of the other musical offerings from the four-piece.

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This Jacksonville [FL] three-piece has been making music together for nearly a decade and, in that time, they’ve accumulated roughly a dozen EPs & LPs. But, I swear, this latest single from AC DEATHSTRIKE kicks ass and stands in opposition to those that believe all bands will “run their course”. Uh, I doth contest and submit AC DEATHSTRIKE as evidence. Some creative wells run deep. Maybe others just don’t. I want them to come play a show in PHX. “Wizard/Witch” is the title track from AC DEATHSTRIKE’s new EP. If you like “Wizard/Witch”, you’re gonna wanna hear the whole thing. Trust me on this.

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The Linecutters


The Linecutters have a brand new 7″ lurking on the horizon and “Patriot” is a sampling on what’s a’coming. There’s some intense energy (and stellar guitar work) packed into this less than 2 minute punch. Hard times call for hardcore punk and The Linecutters are here to help you purge all that pent up rage. Follow along with The Linecutters on your preferred platform(s) to keep watch for their forthcoming release, Knuckledragger.  Until then, enjoy “Patriot” on Bandcamp and maybe toss some $upport for this Phoenix-based band.

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sparks fly from a kiss

“The Swell”

This new single from the New Jersey act, sparks fly from a kiss, has some serious sonic layers. As a result, “The Swell” combines an atmospheric feel with some heavy shoegazing garage rock.  And, over the course of the 5+ minutes this track runs, the listener traverses some intense soundscapes. “The Swell” is the title track from the latest album from sparks fly from a kiss which just came out on December 1st. My suggestion is dive head first into the album and swim from “The Boy Who Cried 3 Beers” to the very end.

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