Good Question: Yvette Young of Covet

by Jacob Unterreiner

I’ve spoken to a lot of musicians in my life. If I’ve learned one thing from these conversations it is that it is hard to pursue music in a balanced, healthy way. There’s a never ending wave of variables threatening artists–economic instability, narcissism, obsessiveness, and insecurity to name a few. So when you encounter somebody balanced, they really stand out.

I believe Yvette Young is one of those special people who has arrived at a balanced place. She might disagree with this categorization, and I’m sure she’s still got things she wants to improve, but from my perspective she has managed to compose incredibly impactful music with her band Covet while gracefully navigating the pressures of being a generational guitar talent, a social media phenomenon, and a bandleader…

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Radio Phoenix Broadcast: The YabYum Editors

On this installment of The YabYum Hour on Radio Phoenix, our senior editors (Carly and Mark) choose tracks from some recently featured singles and new hits from local favorites. It’s also new co-hosts Anna and Bonnie’s first show!!

Check out the complete playlist below and make sure to tune in every Wednesday night at 7 PM for more local music fun on Radio Phoenix — where the Valley comes to Talk. Sing. Connect.

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