Radio Phoenix Broadcast: decker.

decker 01Mr. Brandon Decker made another Radio Phoenix appearance for The YabYum Hour just before he set off on more musical adventures. Don’t worry, he passes back through the Sonoran now and again. In fact, you can catch him live with Bear Ghost, Fairy Bones, and Ali A & The Agency at Last Exit Live on Dec. 15th.

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Complete Playlist:

decker. “Burnin’ Grass”

Shilpa Ray “Shoot This Dying Horse”

Little Quirks “I Told You So”

Courtney Marie Andrews “Took You Up”

Billy Bronsted “Ease the Pain”

decker. “The Matador”

Kadija Kamara “Running In The Name Of The Game”

Dominick Provenzano “Cruel”

Wyves “Mar-a-Lago”

John Prine “Knockin’ on Your Screen Door”

Recorded live on Sept. 12, 2018

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