Radio Phoenix Broadcast: Weird Radicals

weird radicals 01 Weird Radicals joined us in the Radio Phoenix studios shortly before the release of their latest album, Bangers Ball. We chat it up with the band and find out all about their new release, plus we check out a bunch of sweet tracks they brought in to the studio to play over the air as well.

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Complete Playlist

Weird Radicals “Slow Knife”

Citrus Clouds “imagination”

Meat Puppets “Attacked By Monsters”

Germs “Lexicon Devil”

Scorpions “The Sails of Charon”

Weird Radicals “Super Stoker”

Dent “Rebeka”

Megadeath “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due”

Redd Kross “Jimmy’s Fantasy”

Holy Fawn “Arrows”

Recorded live on Sept. 19, 2018.

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