Band Basics Episode 03: Ryan Avery

 ryan avery 01Ryan Avery joined us for our third episode of Band Basics and we talk the basics on forming a band, running a label, not sinking your money into backstock, plus a whole lot more. Hosted by Mark Anderson, catch this hour long conversation with Ryan and (hopefully) learn a thing or two as they discuss a myriad of topics about being in the music business.

Check out our interview with Ryan below and make sure to tune in to each episode of Band Basics where we feature new guests and advice for musicians on every episode.

So, here’s the deal. We’re always receiving questions from musicians that fall outside the scope of information we usually offer as a publication. Over the history of our website we’ve tried to offer helpful hints here and there on a variety of subjects, from booking shows to contacting the press, but we feel that we should delve even further. Welcome to Band Basics 101.


Thanks to The Listening Room Phoenix for sponsoring this episode of Band Basics! 

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