YabYum Seven: Hector Llamas

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Photos courtesy of Hector Llamas

Who am I and what do I do?

Hector D Llamas

I am a father, husband, son, brother and friend.  Art in various mediums and subject is what I do.

How did I get my start?

Like every kid my beginning came as a child when drawing was my universal vocabulary. I noticed people paid more attention to my art than to my words.

I got my “soft start” after I graduated from ASU. I got a job at a gallery and frame shop where I soon started selling my art and moved my way up to gallery manager. This led to multiple opportunities to work with designers, artists and some art collectors all over the valley including some from California, Colorado, and Mexico, Canada, Alaska and New York.

But a few years ago, I had an opportunity to show in a Museum in my home town of San Luis Rio Colorado Sonora in Mexico… this for me was the true start for me and my art… I have been creating art for a long time but this time my family and friends get to see what I do, they can relate with my universal vocabulary…they get to see how I view things… after that I have been blessed to have great opportunities come my way… I have met great people and hope this beginning never has an end.

Hector Llamas 05What inspires me?

Everything inspires me… My family, my friends, my heritage, people, facial expressions, fashion and beauty that I find everywhere. Having the ability to create inspires me and learning new styles, new concepts and new mediums, new ideas inspire me.

What do I like about Arizona?

The mystery in its landscapes and the diversity in its people and culture… and most definitely its Art!!!

Hector Llamas 02Where can you see my art?

Instagram: Hector_Llamas_art 

(please follow me to find updates new art in progress, next festival and show updates)


you can see my abstract paintings at Think Art Gallery in North Scottsdale..

I have shown in various places around Arizona and Mexico, Yuma art Center, Tubac Center of the Arts, Museo Reginal Sonora.

Most recently the Hemberger Theater, Univision AZ, and Fare Trade Café… hopefully soon in galleries in downtown Scottsdale.

You can also see my art on t-shirts, jackets, aprons, and more around the valley… on sale @King_Nopal apparel… and art festivals around the valley..

What would I like to accomplish before I die?

I would like to make my kids proud… I would like to see my art on a fashion runway show… and hopefully leave a small positive mark.

Hector Llamas 03My Mantra?

I don’t know if I have one but my parents would say, “giving up is a choice.” I happen to agree.

I think sometimes it is simpler to not try than to risk failure… I have failed many times and trying again is the one thing that is the hardest, but the one thing that will make me who I will be.

I read this a few days ago…

“You die only once but have the opportunity to live everyday,” I can get behind that 100%.


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