Music Video of the Day: “Born to Lose” by Banana Gun

Banana Gun
“Born to Lose”

This PHX band sounds like they were made for good times, getting drunk at bars, and letting loose with friends. Just make sure you have an okay from the CDC and a safe ride home, kids. “Born to Lose” is the jam a lot of us could use right now as a reminder that good times are just around the corner. Yes! We will be drunk in bars again! And listening to music until our ears ring! Maybe even drunk enough to air sax along with Kyle when things get really funky! And the rocknroll does get funky on “Born to Lose” so get ready. The DIY video from Banana Gun (filmed in April) gives you a Cribs look into the practice spaces of the members of the band and, perhaps more importantly, their pets. Or random pets. We don’t care. We love dogs.

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