The Quarantine Questionnaire: Gabe Kubanda

gabe-kubanda-01Who are you and are you in a band or do you perform solo?

Well Hi, Hola, Konnichiwa! I’m Gabe Kubanda, alt-pop solo artist, singer songwriter, and co-creator of both the Epic Proportions Tour and non-profit

What instrument(s) do you play?

I play guitar and sing, mostly acoustic guitar, sometimes electric, it just depends. 🙂

How long have you been making music?

I wrote my first song when I was 17, and it was horrible!!! But that’s how it goes, haha. My parents played music and old school records in the house, and I’ve always just been drawn to it. I’ve probably been in 5 or 6 bands, but most were short lived, and always blew up internally, so I figured, why not try it on my own?

What was your favorite show of all the shows you’ve ever played?

Oh man… too many to list! One memorable one: I got to play a sold out show at the House of Blues sunset with some legendary dudes like Duff McKagan, Sammy Hagar, and Paul Stanley. That was magical!

What would be your dream lineup/location?

You can’t ask me that question, there’s too many! Living or Dead? Can I jam with Jimi Hendrix or John Bonham and John Paul Jones in their prime at Leeds??? Can I write a song with John Lennon?

What are you listening to during this period of social distancing?

Honestly, I’ve been listening and cringing to a bunch of new demos that I’m writing, and I’m hating most of them, lol! I am loving the new album by The Weeknd.

What are you binge watching/reading?

I’m binge-watching Westworld right now, and am reading some awesome books: The “ONE” Thing, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*CK, and Old Bones.

What else are you doing with these extra hours at home? Extra creative time?

Since all our tours got cancelled for the foreseeable future (and international dates and festivals) I’ve been working on some back-end publishing stuff, getting all my metadata concise, consolidating the terabytes of tour footage from the last 9 years of being on the road, it’s insane! Also, some very exciting stuff I can’t tell anyone about… yet… 😉

If you could Facetime/Zoom anyone in the world for an extended convo right now, who would it be?

Oh, I’d Facetime with Paul McCartney for sure, no question!

Favorite food you can make at home?

I make a mean stir fry! But I’m trying to support local businesses, so I’m also getting takeout quite a bit. I’ve got like 5 amazing local family-owned spots near me that I’m trying to keep them busy, lol.

Are you currently working on any new musical projects? If so, what?

YES! I’m co-writing for some fantastic artists, and those songs should be coming out this summer and fall. I’m also working on a ton of new songs for myself, demoing them out, etc.

How can folx support your musical endeavors?

The best way during this crazy time is to buy some of my new merch and tees at, donate to for my non-profit, and add my new song “Let’s Ride” on Spotify, and share it on your socials!


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