5 Super Rad Black Female Artists You Should Know (and Support)

Black Female ArtistsTabitha Bianca Brown

Tabitha Brown is an artist, illustrator, and designer behind The Pairabirds art studio. She calls her style a “hybrid of 70s soul funk, noir, and minimalism.” Everything about that is rad and the execution is rad and, basically, I’m obsessed. The mash-up of bright patterns and styles makes Brown’s work vibrate with color and energy. I’m particularly keen on the astrology series available through The Pairabirds, but every piece Tabitha Brown is beautiful.

Website | Etsy | Instagram

“Copycat” by Tabitha Brown

Wild Gina

Gina Danza of Wild Gina is a photographer and outdoor enthusiast, to only list two items on her extensive list of talents. Her artwork captures breathtaking landscapes of California and Arizona, as well as some other locales, but the photographs are interspersed with other frozen moments.  A freshly plucked peach, chairs in a diner, bundled carrots in a marketplace. Serenity is the feeling that connects all her work. That sense of pause, of breath. And, thankfully, her photographs are available through her website.

Website | Instagram

“Fishkill, NY” by Wild Gina

Nyanza D.

The pop art style of Nyanza D. has a vintage vibe and serious modern sass. This up-and-coming artist has done work for MTV, The Huffington Post, Nastygal, and lots of other big name spots because she’s a total badass and that style shines in her illustrations. And, I know right now you’re probably thinking you could never score an art piece from Nyanza D., but I’m here to tell you otherwise. MonchiCards by Nyanza D. offers fans affordable prints of her killer comic-style work.

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“Nasty Gal” by Nyanza D.


Phobymo is the moniker of self-taught photographer Morgan Smith from Philadelphia. Through her photographs, Smith explores and celebrates the diversity, strength, and beauty of all women. Her work is visually striking and very powerful. Every portrait belongs on a gallery wall, but thankfully, Phobymo offers some of her amazing artwork through Etsy so fans can score prints of their favorite photos. Now, the only problem is playing favorites and deciding which prints to purchase.

Website | Etsy | Instagram

“Release” by Phobymo

Dorothy Gilbert

This L.A.-based artist brings magic into her paintings. Dorothy Gilbert creates spellbinding artwork that captures the imagination. Fine art and prints are available through her website gallery and additional prints, greeting cards, journals, and COLORING BOOKS can be through her Etsy shop so make sure you delve into both online locations. Gilbert also offers a “Black Queens Printable Coloring Pack” as a downloadable PDF. I don’t think I’m speaking for myself when I say I would decorate an entire room around her painting “Sunshine” (below).

Website | Etsy | Instagram

“Sunshine” by Dorothy Gilbert

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