Music Video of the Day: “Sunshine” by Daughters of Noise!

Daughters of Noise!

This indie pop dance project comes to us from Coco Morier and Arama; two artists and musicians who set out to make tracks that are female-produced and -powered. According to a statement from the band:

“Daughters of Noise! started with our passion for music and creating exciting and left-of-center pop music. But because we are women who produce and write our own music it has become so much more. In the last 6 years where just 12.3% of songwriters of the 600 most popular songs were women, and just 1 in 49 music producers are female, we stand for female empowerment and changing the status quo.” – Coco and Arama

Hell yes. “Sunshine” is a sugar-coated hyper-stylized number that calls for you best dance moves while the music video, directed by Deathcats, contains all the summertime fun three blood-sucking cheerleaders can bring to the world with a bottle of SPF 10,000 sunblock and some future-funk. Daughters of Noise! is all around badass so make sure they’re on your music radar.

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